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Welcome to the Coupon Monster Blog - Crew & Staff

Welcome to the Coupon Monster blog, where we aim to share with our users all of the exciting site news and hopefully get some feedback via comments.  Please feel free to join the discussion by posting a comment--we're always reading and we would love to know what you think of the site!

Friday 4 February 2011

Coupon Monster v2.0 Improvements and Other News

Since Coupon Monster has began, we've been busy looking for all of the best discounts and coupon codes. As our audience has expanded, we've also made efforts to update the site for better usability, making minor adjustments here and there. However, some 5 months ago the decision was made that it was time for a major update to the site. This update has just een implemented and we'd love to know what you think!

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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Coupon Monster on Facebook & Twitter

Well, it seems like it's been quite some time since we've had an update here on the Coupon Monster blog, but we've had a lot going on as I'm sure you've noticed!


Coupon Monster has burst onto the social media scene with its new Facebook fan page.  We started sharing all of the great deals on our Facebook page a couple weeks ago and it's going strong with over 3,000 fans so far!  This has been a great way for us to really connect with our visitors and get some great feedback on the promotions we're running, so expect to see continued growth and integration between Coupon Monster and our Facebook page.

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Monday 19 July 2010

Over 50 Stores Online, More Coming Every Day

Coupon Monster has officially been up and running for a bit over a week and we're starting up quickly with over 50 stores currently online and more coming every day!  We've been working hard to develop relationships with new online vendors to get you guys new coupons and deals, and we're pretty excited to say things are going well!  At the moment, our team is working on adding the over 150 stores we have in queue and of, course, an almost endless supply of new coupon codes and special promotions.

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Thursday 8 July 2010

Coupon Monster Officially Launches

We're pleased to announce the official launch of Coupon Monster!  At Coupon Monster, we're dedicated to helping consumers save as much as possible, providing daily discounts, coupons, and special promotions as we find them.  Through our connections with online retailers, we're able to secure special deals for you, the consumer, and pass along the savings!


As we have just launched, we're currently working on updating our database with all of the coupons we have collected over the past several months.  We'll also be continuing to add new product specials and other deals as we continue operation.  Feel free to let us know what sort of coupons you'd like to see available on our site, and we'll work to get them for you!

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