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Thursday 11 October 2012

Deal of the Week: Cardstore.com

Deal of the Week: Cardstore.com

Greeting cards can be expensive. Even the most basic cards are at least $2, and if you get something fancy with music or a pop-up card you can easily drop $4 a card. Who has money to spend $4 a greeting card for everyone on your list? In this econonmy, with everyone looking to cut back their expenses it would be easy to just eliminate greeting cards from your budget all together, especially with the ease of communicating digitally. Before you stop sending cards though, check out the great deals at Cardstore.com. They regularly have amazing discounts on greeting cards. Right now you can even get Halloween and Thanksgiving cards for just $0.79 each. Plus Cardstore.com will mail your cards to the recipient for no extra charge!


That's right you can order your card from Cardstore.com and have it delivered right to the person of your choosing for no extra cost. What makes this website even better is you can personalize the cards before sending them out, for no extra cost. Add a personalized message and your signiture to the card. Select cards even let you add a photo of your choice. All for no extra charge! Which means you can order a birthday card for  your nephew, add his picture and a personalized message then have it delivered right to his door all for the average cost of a birthday card. You never have to leave your office either, meaning you save time and gas! If you have a large family, or are just looking for a special greeting card, visit Cardstore.com today to save

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