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Tuesday 12 June 2012

Enter to Win a $50 Target Gift Card

Enter to Win a $50 Target Gift Card

Coupon Monster is excited to announce the start of our first ever contest! We have been working on this for sometime now, trying to find just the right prize for our fans. After consideration we decided upon a $50 gift card to Target. Everyone loves free stuff, and everyone loves gift cards so this is the best of both worlds! Gift cards give you the option to purchase essential items such as clothing, groceries and cleaning supplies, or treat yourself to something nice like clothes, movies, games etc. Either way you are saving a bit of money which you can put aside to use for other purposes--like that family vacation you want to take! 


The contest starts June 12, and runs until June 26. We will be announcing a winner on June 29. The winner will be notified via e-mail, and we will share the information on our blog and Facebook page. You can enter the contest by visiting our contest page or our Facebook page. Once you are there you simply have to register with Rafflecopter and follow the onscreen directions. There are several ways to enter, and you can get multiple entries by completing all the available actions. The points next to the action indicate how many entries you will get for each action (for example "Like" our Facebook page is "+1" which means you will get one entry, but Tweet about the giveaway is "+3" which means you get three additional entries!).

You can learn more about how to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway by watching this video. If you are interested in learning more about Rafflecopter, or have any questions, here is a little bit about how Rafflecopter works


Since this is the first giveaway we are doing, and the first time we have worked with Rafflecopter there may be a few kinks. Please excuse those and let us know if something isn't working so we can fix it right away. 


We hope this is just the first of many contests and sweepstakes to come. Please leave us feedback, let us know what you think.

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i would buy diapers

mary gardner | 26-06-2012 | 05:31 uur

Toys are great to pick up this time of the year for Xmas!!

Corinna | 26-06-2012 | 04:47 uur

I'd use it to buy stuff for our move...packing tape, cleaners, paper towels

Teresha | 26-06-2012 | 03:36 uur

I would buy stuff for around the house

Alicia Zirjacks | 26-06-2012 | 03:35 uur

Today is my Dad's 59th and my step-daughter's 9th birthday, so this will be an extra treat for them :)

bim15 | 26-06-2012 | 02:04 uur

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