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Thursday 27 September 2012

How to Save Money This Halloween

How to Save Money This Halloween

Halloween is a month away.  If you are planning a party don't let your credit card bill become as scary as your house!  Find low cost ways of decorating your house, or getting into character with your costume. Don't be haunted by the ghosts of debt this Halloween! Save on store bought decorations and costumes with deals from top stores or make your own Halloween costumes and decorations  from materials at hand! 


Whether you are looking to throw a big party in a little space,a small party with your closets friends, an adults only party, a costume party for the kids or just want to decorate your home to get in the spirit of the holiday, you can find deals and tips for DIY to save money without sacrificing fun this Halloween! 


If you are looking to throw things together last minute, you can always find great deals on everything Halloween at Spirit Halloween. Your headquarters for Halloween costumes and decorations. Choose from thousands of costumes for adults and children. Don't forget your group and couples costumes! Pick up all the decorations you need as well, everything from creepy cobwebs to Walking Dead zombie statues! If you want to save time get all your Halloween supplies at Spirit Halloween today.


You can always find great deals at stores like  Target, Kmart, Meijer's and Kohl's. Most stores have discounts on Halloween costumes, and some are even offering free shipping as well. You can check out all the Halloween deals on Coupon Monster's Halloween page. You should shop for your Halloween items now, before the stores run out of the year's hot costumes and decorations. 


Don't want to spend a fortune on Halloween costumes but still want to dress up this year? Why not try DIY this year. Adults can find DIY Halloween costume tips and accessories at Hot Topic.   You can also check Pinterest for some amazing DIY Halloween costumes. One of our favorites was a toddler dressed as a bubble bath! Made of white clothes, white balloons, yellow rubber boot, a shower cap and a little yellow rubber duck, this costume was adorable, simple and cheap!  If you are looking to make your own Halloween costume, you should get started now. Don't wait till the last minute in case of any unforeseen road blocks. You never know when something might not assemble as it should or how hard it might be to find a particular part of your costume! 


Pinterest has some great ideas for decorations and menu options as well. In fact, many of the food items are so creative they can double as decorations!  Cute little cupcakes with witches and ghosts on top, bunt cake with orange frosting on top to make it look like a pumpkin are two easy ideas of food that can double as decoration. Of course there are the basic, easy ideas such as making ghosts out of lollipops and tissue, or putting sheets over your bushes for instant yard ghost! Want to learn how to make a giant yard spider, or a"ghost lit walkway"? Check out this article from Money Crashers. There are dozens more ideas to be found there! 


Don't forget to save on that Halloween candy! Pick up your candy now, while it's on sale, and store it out of sight, someplace it won't get eaten before the Trick or Treaters arrive.You can always shop at bulk stores like Sam's Club to pick your candy up as well. Just in case someone did forget that bag of candy was for Halloween. 


Another great tip for saving on Halloween decorations is to shop at the end of the season. Pick up Halloween items on clearance to save on cups, decorations, and other basic items that you might have forgotten about for this year. So November 1, head over to the stores' websites and pick up everything you need for next Halloween on clearance! 



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