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Friday 29 June 2012

Save on Your Fourth of July Celebrations with These Six Tips!

Save on Your Fourth of July Celebrations with These Six Tips!
The Fourth of July is just around the corner as are the picnics and parties that go with this midsummer celebration. Mark the country's independence with your own declaration of independence--from over priced parties! Whether you are throwing a large party with dozens of guests or a last minute get-together with your closest family and friends there are a number of simple things you can do to save money on your party! For example don't spend money on fireworks of any variety. They are expensive and illegal in many states. If you feel comfortable with a smaller pyrotechnic display, such as sparklers, you can tell guests they can bring their own. And don't forget to take advantage of free activities such as community parades and firework displays. 
Below are six other tips to save on your Fourth of July Party.  
Use a Star cookie cutter on watermelon! Get adorable, patriotic fruit to keep guests cool and refreshed at your party. You can also toss the stars in the freezer to help keep the punch cool. Or you can toss the watermelon shaped stars in a bowl with some blueberries for an even more patriotic, and healthy, dessert! 
Make a simple sheet cake. Dessert doesn't have to be fancy, a simply sheet cake with vanilla frosting decorated with blue and red frosting, sprinkles or strawberries and blueberries makes for an easy and decorative dessert.
If you are throwing together a last minute party or picnic, make it a potluck! Potlucks are great ways to throw together last minute parties or parties with a large number of guests. This is also a great way to make sure everyone has something they or their kids will want to eat! Assign everyone a certain category of food to make sure you don't have all desserts or salads!  
Make these cute paper latterns from Martha Stuart. They would make a great project for the kids, either during the party or before. A little construction paper, glue and scissors is all you need to make your yard look festive this Fourth of July. The best thing is you can use this pattern to make decorations for other parties throughout the year. Just imagaine how cute orange and black ones would be at Halloween!
You can also try these amazing and simple Fourth of July Pinwheels! Print the pattern out on white cardstock (slightly heavier paper), cut and pin to a pencil or stick. So simple and made with a number of items you probably already have around the house!  
Perhaps the cheapest and easiest item of all, balloons. Go to your local party store and pick up a bag or two of latex balloons, pick out the red, white and blue ones to blow up and attach around the yard and house. You can use the rest of the balloons for a water balloon fight for the kids (and adults) if it is a hot day!  

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