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Thursday 21 June 2012

Thanks For Entering, Still Time to Win $50 Target Gift Card

Thanks For Entering, Still Time to Win $50 Target Gift Card

Thanks to everyone who has entered the giveaway for the Target gift card! We are excited to see so many people entering, you have made it a successful first giveaway for Coupon Monster. With any luck we will be able to continue holding contests and sweepstakes throughout the year. If you still haven't entered, click here.  


While the content of your blog comment will have no say in if you win or not, we have read all the comments and honestly wish you all could win! So many people seem so genuinely eager to win this gift card. The contest ends next Tuesday, so be sure to enter before then. Our winner will be contacted by e-mail before we make the announcement via Twitter, Facebook and our blog.  We will ask the winner to share a little with us about what they plan to do with the gift card to share with everyone. 


If you have entered the contest tell us what you think. How did you feel about Rafflecopter? What would you like to see as a prize in the future? Let us know!  

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