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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Tried and True Methods of Enjoying a Frugal Lifestyle

Invest in a Good Pair of Scissors and Start Clipping Coupons


By now you have probably seen the popular television shows dedicated to moms who meticulously and habitually clip coupon after coupon and end up saving hundreds of dollars at the grocery store checkout. While your chances of reaching savings quite as significant as those seen on extreme couponing shows are slim, the fact remains that clipping coupons in one of the easiest ways to save money on groceries and other household products.


By matching coupons with current grocery store sales you are putting yourself in a great position to greatly reduce your monthly grocery expenses. The objective here, however, is to actually save the money you are getting back through coupon use. This means putting the money saved into a special savings account and allowing it to accumulate. Even if you are only saving $25 each month, that can still amount to $300 in a single year.


Spend More Time in the Kitchen

Cooking more meals at home does not mean that you have to swear off takeout forever. However, it does mean making a conscious effort to cooking the majority of your meals at home. Consider this, the average “value meal” at a fast food restaurant can cost upwards of $10.50 per person. For a family of four this means that nearly $42.00 is spent on a single take out meal. Multiply this by two nights a week for a month and it results in $336.00 spent on fast food alone. Or, a staggering $4032.00 each year. Consider how many groceries could have been purchased for $4032.00!


If you are able to make a commitment to cooking the majority of your meals at home, as opposed to eating out multiple times each month, you will be in a better position to save a substantial amount of money.


Purchase Second Hand Goods When Possible


There are many resources available to people wanting to save money on household goods and clothing. Websites like Kijiji, and eBay, second hand stores and yard sales are a discount shopper’s best ally in the quest to live a frugal lifestyle. In fact, given today’s economy, most people would be silly to not take advantage of the serious cost savings that buying used can provide them.  Additionally, these places are a great place to re-sell your items when you no longer need them, making the savings even greater. 

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